Sunday, February 7, 2016

Das doppelte Lottchen #155

It's sunday, that means it's Lottie and Lisa time! 

Lottie and Lisa means Anni and I usually pick a stamp or stamp set or die that we both have (we nearly have the same taste!) and create a card with this product and another task.
Today I made a wish, and it is:
Create A Smile - Geburtstags Triple Dies


Pop up Box card

I had never made a pop up box before, but Vanessa Amann's take totally inspired me to pick this challenge. 
I decided to decoreate the outside as well - you all know I am not the most elegant crafty type. But i regret cutting the patterned paper in a wavy shape - this is so distracting. But well, what's done is done....

This is what the opened up box looks like.  Some acetate helps making everything float :)

I had to be careful not to overdo it - this box is pretty small because i wanted it to be a standard sized card when closed. Some hearts, a meerkat and a sentiment - that's it and the box was full :)

This is a cute surprise for the recepient - that's what it was all about :)

Now hop over to Anni's blog to find her creation :) She'll knock your socks off ;)

Thanks for viisting!


  1. sooo süß dass der noch dieses kleine Herz in den Pfoten hat :-) Und die Idee mit der Windradfolie.. einfach genial!!!!!!! Mus sich demnächst auch mal probieren :-)

  2. This is fantastic!! I need to sit down and make one of these type of cards. The detail on yours is fabulous!!

  3. Awwhhh, die Erdmännchen sind ja süß und das ganze Werk an sich ist nur zauberhaft; ich mag eure Serie und finde es interessant zu sehen, wie unterschiedlich ihr die Sets nutzt.
    Viele Grüße, Corinna


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