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  1. Hi Christina, I watched all your videos, and I noticed that you do some colouring sometimes, and I really like the way you do it -- simple but looks really good. Knowing this might be impossible but could you please group them/label them, so it's easier to search? I know it's a big job, I can see you have hundreds of posts, and trying to put all the colouring cards together will take forever lol. Or, it is possible to add a gallery section on your website, and put all the card photos in it? Sorry I don't mean to be bossy lol. Anyway, you're very talented and your cards are amazing, I just love every single one of them! xx

  2. Hey, I've started watching your Youtube videos and I really enjoy them. I have a question. I noticed that your Copic markers are square in shape. I'm currently investing in Copic markers (slowly) I would like to purchase the square shape instead of the oval shape I've been buying. If you could help me with the description I would appreciate it. If I go online to Amazon for example to look for this particular shape what would I be looking for? I hope I'm making sense :)


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