Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tickling Tuesday #23 - create a vintage no-coloring background

Hey peeps,
Time for a new Tickling Tuesday!
What's Tickling Tuesday?
Every tuesday I'll try to tickle your mojo with another video. Hope you like it and have fun!

Hallo Leute!
Zeit für Tickling Tuesday! 
Was ist Tickling Tuesday?
Jeden Dienstsg werde ich nun versuchen Euer Mojo mit einem neuen Video zu Kitzeln.
Ich hoffe ihr mögt es uns habt Spaß!

Did you ever try to get a vintage-photo-look by no-line-coloring with warm grey colours? No? Me neither, but I in today's tickling tuesday!

Habt ihr jemals versucht ein en Vintage-photo Effekt durch no-line coloring mit warmgrauen Tönen zu erzielen? Nein? Ich auch nicht - ich hab's aber im heutigen Tickling Tuesday gemacht!

I have to say that I really love that effect and how this turned out.
Still I'd love to have a very light COLD grey ink as well (SSS Fog is pretty much a warm grey). If you know of any light cold grey dye ink, please let me know!

Ich muss trotzdem sagen, dass ich gerne ein sehr helles kaltgraues Stempelkissen hätte. (Fog von SSS ist scho ein ziemlich warmer Grauton). Wenn ihr irgend ein helles KÜHLES Dye-Ink Kissen kennt, lasst es mich doch bitte wissen!

Watch the video to learn more about this card:

Thanks for your time, hope your mojo got tickled :)


  1. Love the vintage looking bath tubs, they are so cool! Enjoyed your no-line colouring video! This card is amazing. Was there some one complaining about your English? You know what - let them make a video using German, and see what they can come up with?! You are doing a wonderful job here, don't let these people bring you down, just because there's nothing interesting and exciting happening in their lives. x

  2. Yiming, I did not make that comment to hurt or drop someone like you said! We are in a free world where everyone has the right to tell his opinion. I do not speak English as their mother tongue. People often correct me in my creative chronicles because I use the wrong words. But I always take the criticism constructively ... That's how we advance in life.

    Christine, I am sad to see that people think I'm doing this for you "drop". I wanted to tell you that I totally understand that you want your words. I still appreciate your videos every time and I'm amazed of your projects every time. I also wish you good luck with Create a Smile company.

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    1. Two posts, first one for the test and now the real stuff. Your videos are amazing and I love all of them. Please do not listen to negative remarks. What is wrong with people? I and probably They Could not make a video in German. Thank you for all your videos and Congratulations on your stamp release! You will to do well. Thank you again.


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