Saturday, July 19, 2014

Creating Sweet things with shrink plastic!

Hi there,

are you enjoying summer? It's pretty hot over here right now (FINALLY!) and I feel tired but good with all the sun and heat.

It's my turn at the Sweet Stamp Shop Blog again and I thought I go a bit out of the Box. So I created some earring with shrink plastic. I know - this is not a new technique at all, but this was the first time ever that I used shrink plastic and I instantly fell in love. You can find a tutorial on the Sweet Stamp Blog. There are the earrings that I created:

If you think "uhm, the lines are not criss" - you're right! I talked about that on the Sweet Stamp Shop as well ;) But I still love those, although I don't wear jewelry unless it's made from natural stuff like wood, stone, bone...  ;) Well, those little cuties are going to fly to Australia, because my sweet friend Linda loves them. :)

Shrink plastic shrinks a LOT if you heat it. Look at the difference:


The colors get darker, more bold and the plastic gets way thicker and more sturdy. Very very cool!

I know I'm going to make some meeples out of shrink plastic and with cute stamps. I always wanted to create my own board game. I'll just dab a bit of hot glue onto my Ranger non-stick craft sheet and hold the meeple in it to have it standing. Ha!

Should I share a tutorial on that, too?

I will also make a cute Keyring for my work-key. (I think it's more than 20 keys... ugh!) but that's pretty close to what I did with the fox. Oh, by the way - this is Foxy from the sweet stamp shop - one of my favorite images ever - so so cute!


Okay, that's it for now. Hop over to the Sweet Stamp Shop Blog to see the entire tutorial. :)

Have a great sunny week-end!


  1. I definitely want a tutorial...what's a meeple?! I'm so intrigued!! Gorgeous earrings!!! You're so incredible!!

  2. Adorable! My own experiments with shrink plastic weren't so successful, Jo x

  3. Christine, man kann die geschrumpften Spielfiguren auch in Kunststoff-Füße stellen (in manchen Spielen sind die bereits mit drin, um Papp-Figuren hinzustellen.) Wenn du Interesse hast, such ich dir gern mal einen Anbieter raus. :-)

    1. Hallo Wiebke, ich kenne diese Steck-Sänder. Mir geht's ja aber um's selber machen. Sonst könnte ich auch fertige Figuren kaufen ;)

    2. Nööö, fertige Figuren sind ja nicht so schön! ;-) Bin nebenbei noch ein Detail-verliebter Fimo-Tierchen&Figuren-Bastler...

      Ich mag diese Ständerchen trotzdem manchmal ganz gerne :-)
      Ist wie die Frage nach von Hand selbst ausschneiden oder eine Stanze / Stanzform verwenden... beides funktioniert und beides ist o.k., jeder entscheidet, was er (wann) lieber mag :-)

  4. I forgot to ask: what kind of crayon or marker have you used for coloring? I havn't found the perfect color yet - I want to try something new ;-) The color of your cute fox went great!

    1. Args - ich hab's fast schon geahnt! Immer mehr Pfeile zeigen deutlichst in diese Richtung.... mein armes Sparschwein!

  5. These are super fun! They would make fun charms for a bracelet or a Christmas ornament too!


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