Monday, June 30, 2014

Video for Sweet Stamp Shop: Colouring with pencils

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Hey there, time for another video! :)
It's my turn to bring some inspiration to the Sweet Stamp Shop Blog today. They just have so many adorable and versatile images - I am IN LOVE! 
Well, my blog readers know I m ade a card using colored pencils on kraft some time ago. So I thought I could make a video from that. Well - uhm... the card did not turn out like I had expected and if I did it again I'd change up a few thing, but anyways - I'll try to give you some tips.
First of all, this is the card that I'm talking about:

Well, not TOO bad, but there are a few things I think I would change about this:
  • Give it more dimension (for example by cutting our one of the "poofs" - especially the red one)
  • Find a better placement for the sentiment. It's busy with three fonts/sizes, so It should not be spread across the card like that.
  • take more time to blend the colors. I was in my hurry-video mode which is stupid because I speed it up anyway ;)
  • get a more balanced placement for the sequins, maybe.
But there also also thing that I like about that card:
  • The imaged make SENSE in combination with that sentiment - they tell a story.
  • The red cloud stands out by color, shadow and glosssy accents
  • Those colours look beautiful on the kraft cardstock
  • The sequins match the coloring.
So, there we're some hints of DOS and DONTS already, right? Let's get to the video:

Do I love this card? Probably not, but I love the idea and the images. They ARE funny, right? I love those faces! So I'd still dare to give this card away :)
I collected some tips on colouring with pencils on the Sweet Stamp Shop Blog, so hop over to learn more about my pencils (and the history we have), their use and what you have to keep in mind.

Do you ever take your cards, look at them and try to analyze what you'd love to change about them? This is one of the ways I learned most in this paper crafting world. Looking at cards (sometimes my own, sometimes cards from around the web) and I try to figure out what distracts the balance. Try it out - you'll learn a LOT this way!

Thanks a lot for stoppin' by - I hope you enjoyed this trial and error tutorials. I sure did!


  1. What a fun idea. Love the faces on the clouds. thanks for sharing a card to make me smile.

  2. I think your card turned out great!! I have to pull out my colored pencils and some kraft cardstock. Thanks for sharing.

  3. das video gefällt mir sehr gut



  4. Das sind ja witzige Wölkchen, liebe Christine :o) Ich habe das Colorieren mit Prismacolors auf Kraft Cardstock gerade für mich entdeckt und erst heute eine solche Karte gepostet ;o)

    Schönen Abend und liebe Grüße

  5. Your ideas are so fun and amazing, I enjoy watching ur videos

  6. i love love love love love this!!! i think it's fabulous!! the sad clouds are soooo pitiful - poor little guys! ha ha!! but i think the sequins placement is awesome! and the happy little clouds are colored so awesomely! seriously makes me want to try colored pencils (i don't have any!), just lovely!!!!!!

  7. OMG, this card is just too adorable! I love all that the clouds all have different emotions and the coloring is just amazing!

  8. Great card. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I also follow both you and TAWS on youtube

  10. I also follow both you and TAWS on Facebook

  11. Thanks for the video and tips. Very helpful!

  12. It is a great card. Nice placement and good theme. You always have well plained cards. I think you are to hard on yourself but isn't that the definition of an artist.


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