Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tickling Tuesday #7

Hi everyone!
Time for a new Tickling Tuesday! (Late, but I started uploading 7 hours ago - Youtube didn't want to accept the video)
What s Tickling Tuesday?
Every tuesday I'll try to tickle your mojo with another video. Hope you like it and have fun!

Zeit für Tickling Tuesday! (Spät. Ich habe vor 7 Stunden mit dem Upload begonnen, aber Youtube wollte das Video nicht annehmen)
Was ist Tickling Tuesday?
Jeden Dienstsg werde ich nun versuchen Euer Mojo mit einem neuen Video zu Kitzeln.
Ich hoffe ihr mögt es uns habt Spaß!

Today tried to do some offset-stenceling. Just a quick and easy card, but I think this technique is really cool.

Heute habe ich mich an offset-stenceling versucht. Nur eine schnelle und einfache Karte, aber ich finde, diese Technik ist ziemlich cool.

Finally - the video ! Have Fun!
Endlich, das Video! Viel Spaß!


  1. If I didn't watch the video, I never would have known that you had black ink on the card!! You're so amazing I bet you could turn the worst mistake into something I would envy! Ha! This is another wonderful card!! High five!!

  2. Holy wowness!!! So can't wait to try this and yay for those dots... that does it I am going to the craft store tonight to pick up a pack of these babies and start baking!!!

  3. So fun! I just picked up some of those beads today and can't wait to try to make my own enamel dots!

  4. Was für eine gute Idee, das (der/die/das?) Stencil zu verschieben!!! Tolle Dots hast du da ;-)

  5. SUCH a cool technique! And I think the ink smudge turned out to be a happy accident because I love the placement of your DIY enamel dots!!

  6. Bitte nochmals ganz langsam für mich: was sind das für Dots....? Geschmolzene Perlen....?


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