Sunday, September 18, 2016

Das doppelte Lottchen #169

Hello everyone,

I guess you notived that it was quiet for a while over here. Well, Anni and I decided to take a summer break, but we are back and I have tons of cards to share!

For those new on my blog:
Lottie and Lisa means Anni and I usually pick a stamp or stamp set or die that we both have (we nearly have the same taste!) and create a card with this product and another task.
Today I made a wish, and it is:

Useless Trinkets - Keksdose (free Digi stamp)


Something textile

I picked my old pompom edging (is that the word?) as a textile element for my card and kept the ret super simple:

Now hop over to Anni's blog to find her creation :) She'll knock your socks off ;)

Thanks for viisting!

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