Sunday, June 19, 2016

Das doppelte Lottchen #165

It's sunday, that means it's Lottie and Lisa time! 

Lottie and Lisa means Anni and I usually pick a stamp or stamp set or die that we both have (we nearly have the same taste!) and create a card with this product and another task.
Today I made a wish, and it is:

Mama Elephant - Pandamonium


Use a Background stamp

You might notice that we took a short break from our Lottie & Lisa fun - we've both been super busy, but now we're BACK - yay!
I remember that I had s great design on my mind when I wrote down today's challenge - but as always I forgot and I felt like I couldn't create something super unique. 

Question: Do you have phases when it comes to crafting?
Sometimes I fall for background stamps, two weeks later I can't come up with ANY idea using them. Sometimes I love to use patterned paper and sometimes I don't touch them for weeks. Sometimes I love to watercolor, sometimes I'm like "Meh, it looks all the same!".
Those phases keep me struggling, but I am happy I am not completely stuck with one technique only - my phases change and so do my designs - that's fun.

However, I did not feel like using background stamps when I made my first card and I found it boring, even if the rainbow of colors pop:

The card is okay, but I still found it boring.
Then I remember a card Anni made years ago for one Lottie and Lisa and I decided to somewhat CASE it. :)

I loved that she cut down her background into strips to add dimension and interest to her card, so I tried that;

I think this turned out quite cute and I am so happy there are so many inspiring creations out there whenever i feel uninspired. 
(Fun Fact: I hadn't looked at Anni's card again before I made mine. Her's is from November 2012 and still my card looks like a super close CASE. Anni's designs have always been my fav and I studied her art in a way that makes me remember cards even after 3,5 years - hehe!)

Oh, by the way: The sentiment on this card says "Hug?"

I would also like to share another card with you that I made for the current challenge in our Create A Smile Friends & Family Facebook-Group.

Join the group if you'd like to play along and win a gift card to the store!

Now hop over to Anni's blog to find her creation :) She'll knock your socks off ;)

Thanks for viisting!


  1. Super fun card - the first one!!! Like the other two as well - not boring, whatsoever!

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