Thursday, April 24, 2014

Excited! Video on my crafty space (starring: me)

Okay, I never thought I'd do that, but I did. Some people asked me about my crafty space and how I store things. So this is 11 minutes of storage, organisation and me.  Yes, me. I'm on video. (Insert scared scream here!)
I didn't dress up or something, because I know my crafty friends have a big heart and wouldn't care seeing me in pyjamas - hehe ;) So be nice!
Hope you're not bored - maybe there IS some storage inspiration for you in some way.

Okay, ich habe nciht gedacht, dass ich das jemals machen würde, habe ich aber. Einige Leute haben mich nach einem Video über meine "Bastelecke" gefragt und darüber, wie ich Dinge aufbewahre. Also gibt es jetzt 11 Minuten Aufbewahrung, Ordnung und mich. Ja, mich - ich bin im Video. (Bitte erschreckten Schrei hier einfügen!)
Ich hab mich nicht schick gemacht oder irgendwas, weil ich weiß dass meine kreativen Freunde ein großes Herz haben und sich nicht mal dran stören würden mich in Pyjama zu sehen - haha ;) Also seid nett!
Ich hoffe es langweilt Euch nicht, vielleicht ist da ja TATSÄCHLICH irgendeine Inspiration in Sachen Aufbewahrung.


  1. Wow!! Awesome video!! Lovely space!! I love being able to put your voice with your face!!

  2. Nice space! You are so organized!

  3. So cool! You have a lot more space than I do - I'm so envious! I wish I even had a single permanent desk - I work on a fold-out desk held up with my keyboard stand (musical keyboard, not computer).

  4. Great organisation Christine! What paper trimmer do you use? I am looking to buy a new one and and am trying to invest in a really good one this time, Jo x

  5. Great tour..and loved the meet you in "real"..
    I like the plastic boxes for your mists and such..where did you buy them..(I live in the Netherlands)?
    My room is about the size of your room too..I have most Ikea furniture..but in white..also have the drawers you have them (also have 3) and two desks like you...I only have some photo's ..don't have a blog and can't make a video..if you want to see the photo's I can email them....(I am tiding my room at the it is a bit different again...I have lots more stuff than you do..I am a hoarder for sure!

    1. Hi Holly,
      the box is from Ikea also. It's this one:
      I'd be happy to see some photos of your storage. You can send it to c.drogt(at)
      Thanks so much! :)

    2. Hi Christine
      Thank you so much for your answer...I looked it up..never knew Ikea had these great soon as I get there ..i will buy some..the look so great...
      I will try and send some photo's to your email address...I am a bit ..not so handy with all the computer stuff..and the photo's are on my old laptop....the photo's are large in mb so I can only send two a time...
      groetjes Holly.

  6. Loved this, Christine!! Thanks for showing us your space, and your awesome storage ideas!! You are so organized...wish I could say the same about myself!! ha ha!! And, you are just adorable as well! It was so nice to "meet" you!!

  7. Hello Christine, thank you for the tour, you're just so lovey! Now I can picture you when you making your cards, reaching for stamps and washi tapes and stuff. I think using that shoe cabinets for paper is such a fab idea, wish I could be so creative.

  8. I love your room! It was so nice to see you "in person," and to see your workspace. I love how you have it organized. And your cat is cute! She/he chirps just like one of mine. :)

  9. SO COOOOOOOL!!!! I loved seeing your crafty space!! So cool!! You are so cute and you explain things so well!! I LOVE the special appearance of your kitty! And having everything within sitting distance is genius! I get up 50 times while making a card! Ha ha!! <3

  10. Love your crafty space..... I love it because it is small and like you said you can reach everything from your chair.... I have been enjoying your videos recently and find them very clever and unique......I to have a hard time giving away because once I do I go looking for it.... I have been crafting a long time, maybe 35 years or so, and I have a lot of stuff and I never know what is the best way to store stuff....I am changing it up all the time. Thank you for your videos..... love them.


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