Monday, March 25, 2013

ABNH - Tape your stamps!

I am a washi tape addict, I can't stop using it! So I am sharing some washi-inspiration at A Blog Named Hero with you.

Wie ihr wisst bin ich Washi-süchtig und kann einfach nicht aufhören es ständig zu benutzen!
Deshalb habe ich heute bei A Blog Named Hero eine kleine Washi-Inspiration für Euch.

These are the cards I made - you can find a photo-tutorial at ABNH - so hop over!

Dies sind die zwei Karten - eine Foto-Anleitung findet ihr bei ABNH - also nichts wie hin!


  1. Really cute, Christine! Love your colorful washi tape. Loll xx

  2. Oh girl.....I so LURVE your style!!! That is all. :)

  3. Love your cards Christine - love ALL your cards! I was smiling ear to ear when I saw you had posted in English as well - I loved reading along with the pictures so I can get little tips and tricks from you! You are just so talented and you are one of my absolute FAVOURITE card makers! I wish I could read/write/speak German but can only manage to pick out a very few words in your German posts - my German is limited to what I learned in school - oh, about 20 years ago! I'll try a little note though: Danke fur das karten. Sie bist sehr schon! Okay, I better stick to English, but I tried to say Thank You for sharing your cards - they are so beautiful!

  4. 2 tolle Karten! Und eine wundervolle Technik ,die ich gleich mal ausprobieren muss ;)). Denn ich liiiieeeebe auch Washi-tape *lol*.


  5. Love the taped birds - they look so cool! Thanks for the inspiration!


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